10 Quick Tips To Promote Workplace Safety


It’s no secret that many people aren’t aware of just how dangerous their working areas can get. Even in a typical office setting, there are plenty of potential hazards lurking around!

The good news is that you can help prevent anything bad from happening. And you can also encourage your staff to do the same as well. After all; the last thing you want to deal with is compensation claims for injury or worse! And you sure don’t want to worry about your premises going up in smoke!

Working Environment
Working Environment

The following ten tips will help you and your workers to promote a safer working environment:

1. Train your staff

You can’t expect your employees to promote a safe working environment if they don’t know how to do so! That’s why it is critical you give them the right safety training. It’s also crucial to do so with new employees.

2. Don’t hire people that lack common sense

It’s assumed that people have common sense when they carry out their work each day. It might surprise you to know that some individuals just don’t have a clue! Only hire competent staff to work for you.

3. Make safety a priority in the workplace

Don’t consider safety an afterthought. Make sure it is at the top of your priority list for everything you do. For instance, make sure that you test and tag all new electrical items in your offices. And encourage tidier working environments to avoid trip and slip hazards.

Safety Workplace
Safety Workplace

4. Carry out a regular safety review

Risk assessments are an important and essential part of business life. You should ensure a regular check of your workplace safety gets carried out. Just because something worked on your last inspection doesn’t mean it will this time!

5. Make sure your premises have emergency exit signs

It’s crucial you make it clear where your emergency exits are in the building. You can get wall or ceiling-mounted signs to point people in the right direction.

6. Do weekly fire alarm tests

You need to make sure your fire alarm works when you need it most: in an emergency. Be sure to do a weekly fire alarm test and document when and who tested it.

7. Keep halls and landing areas clear

In an emergency, everyone needs to exit the building in a quick and orderly fashion. Make sure there are no obstacles blocking hallways and landing areas at all times.

Safer Working Environment
Safer Working Environment

8. Find ways to improve your safety in the workplace

You shouldn’t just stop at what you do now to prevent accidents and other problems. Be pro-active and keep looking for solutions to better improve safety at your premises.

9. Keep all machines and equipment maintained

It doesn’t matter if the things you use at work are a year old or twenty years old. What does matter is they get maintained to the highest standards.

10. Keep your working areas clean

Last, but not least, cleanliness is essential to improving safety in the workplace. Encourage your workers to tidy up their workstations at the end of each day.