4 of the Biggest Costs When Starting a Business


Starting a new business is a great experience to have. However it turns out, the experience will have made you a more resilient and well-rounded individual and business person. But, let’s be honest; when we’re starting out, none of us want to think about the possibility of failing. That’s why it’s so important to go in prepared and looking towards success.

Don’t start a business if you have no idea what you’re doing, you’ll fail quickly. Do some market research first and draw up a detailed business plan, complete with in-depth budgets. Setting up a business can be incredibly expensive, so you’ll want to minimise your outlay as much as possible. This list will show you some of the areas in which you could be spending big money.

Your Headquarters

Every business needs a headquarters from which to carry out your dealings. It might be worth thinking outside the box to get a cheap deal though. It all depends on the kind of business you’re looking to start. If you’re going to be heavily reliant on passing trade, you might have to splash out on a city centre premises.

However, if you’re just using an office or car repair garage, do you really want to be paying expensive inner city rental costs? Sometimes a base on the outskirts or in the suburbs can be equally as effective, at half the cost. If you’re starting small, you might even want to work from home and have your staff work remotely.



To get a good workforce, you’re going to have to pay them a fair rate of pay. Don’t be tempted to underpay your employees, or they’ll just start looking for better offers elsewhere. And you don’t want your business to become a stepping stone for workers.

Do everything you can to get the best, and keep the best. Your business is utterly worthless without a strong group of workers. You should think carefully about how many employees you need to start with though. It might be worth using outsourcing companies for some of your needs.


Insurance can take a big chunk out of your startup budget. And it’s a cost a lot of people neglect when they’re drawing up their business plans. You’ll need building insurance and business insurance.

Don’t forget any industry-specific insurance deals you might need. If you’re selling cars or using a lot of vehicles in your company, get Motor Trade Insurance. Insuring your whole fleet is a lot cheaper than insuring each car and driver individually.

Advertising and Marketing

Depending on what channels and methods you use for your business’s advertising and marketing strategies, your costs can be quite high. It’s important to weigh the affectivity of your methods against their cost, and get the balance right.

If you’re tight for cash, advertising and marketing can be a great way to cut your costs. There are loads of new and innovative marketing methods that don’t cost as much as using traditional media streams. Use social media and online sites and apps to help you out.