4 Reasons Why Your Online Business Is Failing


Are you struggling to make the breakthrough with your online business? Are making no sales, and finding it hard to attract visitors to your website? If so, then read on. We’re going to talk you through some of the reasons why things might be going wrong for you. There’s no time to lose, so let’s get started right away.

Failure Report
Failure Report

Your product or service sucks

First things first – be honest about what you are offering. It’s vital to do this because if you have a bad product or service, then no amount of money you throw at your business is going to help. Maybe you have a good idea, but your execution is poor – or you are trying to add to an already flooded market. Perhaps you are framing your service in the wrong way, or attempting to attract the wrong people. Or, your product or service could be so niche that nobody else wants it but you. Take a look at this post by David Cancel. It has some great tips on how to improve things.

Nobody can find you

If you have an online presence, then it would be nice if people showed up once in awhile, right? Well, they will do if you look at your search engine optimization or SEO. This is, in essence, the art of signalling to the search engines – such as Google – that you exist, that you are relevant, and that people need you. Now, SEO is seen as a mystical art by some, but nothing could be further from the truth. Head over to Moz.com for plenty of great guides that will open up the world of SEO for you.

Online Business
Online Business

You aren’t making any sales

It’s all well and good if plenty of traffic is arriving at your site. But if they are leaving within seconds, then SEO is a futile exercise. Your aim here is to make it clear who you are, what you do, and present what you have to offer. You also need to look at ways of converting those visitors into customers. So, your next step is to embrace what is known as conversion rate optimization – or CRO. There are plenty of CRO services out there that can help you out, or you can spend some time diving into this wonderful world yourself. Get it right, and you will start to make more sales, get more signups, and enjoy a lot more money coming to your website.

You can’t be trusted

OK, so this isn’t meant to be a personal slur. You could be the most caring, trustworthy, honest individual the world has seen for more than 2,000 years for all we know. But, unless you can make that clear on your website, then people aren’t going to buy from you. Make sure that your site is secure, for a start. Lock down the way you take payments – and spell out to your visitors that you are safe. Also, think about your authority and presence. The web is full of snake oil salespeople and rip off artists looking for a quick buck. So, one thing you could do to prove your credentials is to use a blog to highlight what you know. It will give you credibility in the eyes of your visitor, and make them feel much more relaxed about buying something from you.

Hope this has helped – let us know how you get on!