5 Advantages Of Using LED Signs


Easily Catch People’s Attention

On a busy street it is important that a business sign is eye-catching. LED signs, especially ones that change colour or show more than one image, help to draw attention and make people intrigued as to what is being offered by the business.

It is estimated that a sign has on average 4-10 seconds to make an impression on someone and influence the decision-making process. LED lights are a great way to make an instant impression, and there are many signwriters in Perth who make cost-effective LEDs.

Signwriters Perth
Signwriters Perth

Can Be Used Indoors and Out

LED signs are versatile. They don’t just have to be used outside a business – they can be used inside as well to enhance the atmosphere or to highlight important information. For example, a children’s play centre could be enhanced with brightly coloured LED signs that help to make the atmosphere more fun for the kids. Or LED lighting can be used to illuminate a wall menu in a busy restaurant – this could help people who are far away from the board choose which meal they want to order a lot quicker.


Over time, shop signs are at the mercy of the elements. A cracked and peeling sign can give off a negative impression of a business and damage the reputation. Installing a weatherproof electric sign made by the Total Sign Co. signwriters in Perth, means that it won’t be damaged by the elements and won’t create a poor first impression.

Installing A Weatherproof Electric Sign
Installing A Weatherproof Electric Sign

Makes A Business Stand Out From Competitors

An LED sign can be a crucial factor when it comes to beating the competition and increasing revenue. Imagine this scenario: a man is walking down the street in desperate need of some new trousers. The man is in a hurry and may be oblivious to the faded signs of several clothes shops on the other side of the street. Then, as if by magic, a brightly illuminated shop sign appears on the opposite side of the road! The man immediately dashes to that shop to look at the clothes and ultimately make a purchase.

The other shopkeepers may be puzzled as to why the man didn’t notice any of the other shops. The answer is simple: the man chose the only shop that was highly visible.

There is another advantage here. Often when people are recommending a shop to friends, the name will be forgotten and instead the shop will be described by an outstanding characteristic. Businesses with electric signs are likely to be tagged as “The One With The Flashing Sign” by customers making recommendations – because it is a characteristic which is memorable.

Eye Catching Sign
Eye Catching Sign


Just like billboards, LED signs can be used to increase the visibility of a business to people who are far away or who may be driving past at high speed. This could make the difference between someone driving past unaware that the business exists or stopping because they have been alerted to what the business is offering.

Hopefully this guide has fully explained the benefits of an LED sign and made the choice to install one clearer.