5 Reasons Why the Philippines might just be Your Outsourcing Heaven


When it comes to business process outsourcing, Asia is a very popular region. India and China have a solid offer, but there’s one country that’s highly underestimated – the Philippines. If you’re in need of IT professionals with all manner of different skills, you should definitely expand your map and go south. For starters, take a good look at the next five reasons because they will be convincing enough.

Business Outsourcing Philippines
Business Outsourcing Philippines

Language Proficiency

The Philippines were initially a Spanish colony, but were later governed by the US – this turbulent history of theirs significantly lowers the language barrier. Not a lot of people know that, although Filipino is their official language, English is the primary one when it comes to education.

If you’ve ever worked with people from India or China, you already know that misunderstandings are a common thing and the sole reason behind it is the language barrier – but working with Filipinos is a real time-saving hack. Besides, truly knowing a language makes a significant difference in the overall quality of the products or services you’re in need of.

Highly-skilled Workforce

The literacy rate in Philippines is above ninety percent – which is incredibly high, and the University of Philippines maintains a high rate when it comes to educating young professionals in areas such as creative design, multimedia arts, animation, etc.

However, their economy doesn’t allow for hundreds of new graduates to find an appropriate job, which is why they tend to migrate. Therefore, when hiring a professional from this country you’re not only getting a highly trained person to do an excellent job for you, but you’re also helping out their local economy.

Outsourcing Philippines Services
Outsourcing Philippines Services

Government Support

Because outsourcing is very helpful for the growth of their country in many different spheres, Philippine Economic Zone Authority grants interesting benefits for those who decide to live off this kind of income, such as four or even eight years of tax free holidays.

Besides, their country not only encourages this kind of employment but it also promotes it, so you won’t have any unpleasant encounters with the law – quite the contrary.

Admirable Work Ethics

Time zones are not an issue for them. Working with Filipinos is quite a pleasure – other than them being a highly educated people, they are also very kind and friendly, they always strive towards meeting new challenges and have a serious respect towards deadlines. Probably the best of all – time difference isn’t a problem for them and they are willing to work night shifts without a single complaint, which is another characteristics of a hard-working people.

Philippines Outsourcing
Philippines Outsourcing

Agreement in Terms of Culture

Considering their history, Western culture isn’t unfamiliar to them. Their eventful history has led to them being multicultural – the Philippine tradition is influenced by Spain, the United States, Japan and a number of other cultures. This fact makes it easy to come to terms when making a new contract; this makes your life a lot easier, because there is a lot less room for misunderstandings.

Very soon the Philippines will become one of the best offshore outsourcing destinations – their education and talent, friendliness and a tendency to be open-minded are important factors that have a positive impact on the overall success of outsourcing.