5 Things to Consider Before Getting a Business Loan


If you are thinking about starting up your own business, you will need to take several steps before starting the process. You will want to consider what area of business you would like to go into. You’ll have to research the industry and find out about who your competitors are and how they have achieved their success thus far.

It will then be important to decide whether your business will deal in stock or services. Or both. From here you will start to get a better idea of your target client base and demographic. It will also be vital to consider what you want to do for a staffing body.

When you start out, you will first need to apply for a business loan. Starting your own business is expensive and can put a lot of financial strain on you. A business loan will help you to get things started. It will also help to support the business through its transitional period.

Getting a Business Loan
Getting a Business Loan

But before you apply for your business loan and write your proposal there here are five things you will want to take into account.

1. Marketing Strategy

Do you have a marketing strategy? Because you will need one. This is how you advertise your business and pique the interest of prospective clients. A marketing strategy is fundamental to your business model and the future of your company.

You will want to consult experts. As an Australian, you might research SEO company Perth. Or you may need to look closer to home depending on where you are based and what you want your strategy to convey.

2. Staffing Body

Think about your staffing body. Do you want to have a lot of employees? Will your business be large enough to warrant that? Can you operate with a smaller pool of staff?

You might decide that you can run a business on your own or with one other person. If this is the case then you should consider bringing in other staff as the business expands. Or at least consider outsourcing work.

3. Projected Figures

Think about what your business will be doing and come up with some projected figures for your first year of operation. You will need these to refer to and will want to consult them when working out if you can afford to repay the business loan.

You should be meticulous to this end. Don’t take out a loan if you know you can’t afford to pay it back. Or at least take out a smaller amount.

4. Competitors

Do some research into other businesses operating in your chosen industry. How much success have they had? What is it about them that has led to this success? Do you think that you can compete with them?

Sizing up the competition will leave you better prepared to take them on when you launch your business.

5. Industry Activity

Also do some research into the industry you want your business to be in. What is the activity like? Is it a lucrative industry? You need to know how much of a financial struggle you are likely to face in the first few years of business.

This will also give you some idea of your expected startup costs. If the industry is in a slump or, it is proving difficult to reach profit margins this may affect your ability to get a business loan. At the least, it may affect the interest you have to pay back.