8 Creative Business Card Ideas


A stylish business card won’t guarantee success, but it does help. The business card is a lot more than just personal details, it says something about a person, and therefore it should be striking, and something to remember. Digital printing technology allows for a creative approach to card design, and with unique paper and other materials, one can be imaginative and come up with the perfect concept. Here are some ideas that will make a person stand out in the crowd.

Business Card Design
Business Card Design

1. Have one’s portrait image in the bottom left hand corner. It is always nice to put a face to a name, and when that person is flicking through their cards, looking for a service, the names will not really mean anything, but the image will. People form relationships, and by adding one’s image, it opens another dimension to the familiarity process.

2. Scented cards are all the rage, and why not? Using scent is another way of placing a reminder in a person’s mind, and it says something about the card holder. Psychologically, a pleasant smell invokes a feeling of trust and well-being, so think about using scented card when it’s time for a reprint.

3. A plastic card is unusual, and that alone is a plus, not only that, a plastic credit card type invokes a sense of value. One can be sure that this card would be kept in a special place in the wallet, next to the Am Ex platinum. If one needs business cards in Perth, or any other city, there are quality printers that have a range of materials and finishes, and with their design expertise, the right concept is assured.

Transparent Business Card
Transparent Business Card

4. Design options are unlimited with the latest software, and laser printing technology produces deep, rich colours, with precise alignment. If one is artistic or in a creative field, a bold statement with sharp colours will never fail to impress.

5. Transparent business cards are sometimes seen, and with the right colours and degree of transparency, they can certainly raise an eyebrow or two. If you need business cards in Perth, there are online printers who can really boost your image, and if one wants something unique, look no further.

6. Metallic finishes are ideal for the modern professional, sleek and unique, and cool to the touch. The range of finishes includes matt, laminate, or gloss, and with the best quality printing, the card will look and feel expensive.

Creative Business Cards
Creative Business Cards

7. Magnetic cards are unique, in as much as they can be stuck on the fridge or the car dashboard, and are always in view and easily accessible, so when a person needs that service or product, the solution is staring them in the face.

8. Rounded cards offer something different, and with the right design are a breath of fresh air, and will usually invoke a comment from the recipient.

Whatever design one opts for, the business card is a direct extension of the self, and the company one represents, therefore it should project a positive image.