Awesome Ways To Build A Buzz Around Your Brand New Product


Launching a new product soon? If so, you have probably been trying hard to build a buzz around it in the best ways you can. But, if your efforts aren’t working, there’s every chance you are beginning to worry about the amount of momentum you still need to develop. If so, read on: these ideas should help.

Build a Buzz
Build a Buzz

Talk to the right people

Somewhere out there is a group of people that will go mad for your new product. But, who are they? What do they like doing, and what are their reasons for wanting your product so much? Unless you know as much as possible about your core audience, your marketing efforts are going to be more scattershot than targeted. Find out everything you can and build up a picture of them. Market your product in a way that addresses their needs or desires, and talk to them in a language they understand. Whether you’re selling B2C or B2B, it is essential to have a target market for any new product. Ultimately, doing this will increase your chances of turning in a better profit.

Competitions and giveaways

People love free stuff, and will be willing to make minor efforts to get their hands on something for nothing. So, why not run a competition? You could hold a draw for people who share your launch details on their Facebook feed, for example. If you aren’t selling a product that will go down well with the mainstream, then offer one that does. A free iPad as a prize isn’t going to be hard to shift. You could also offer early bird discounts on your product. Anyone who pre-orders from you could get 25% off, for example. It’s a great way to get a whole bunch of initial orders in and will also give you a little more cash to reinvest into your final marketing push.


Hold a launch event

Why not set up a launch event to mark your product’s entry into the market with a bang? You could invite local businesses, industry experts and the media, as well as your target audience. Find a conference venue, and arrange some food, drink and entertainment. You could hold a raffle and give away your product as the prize – it’s a great way of collecting people’s email addresses for your list. Demo your product, too. Nothing is better than a hands-on demonstration of what it does, and you should expect a good proportion of your audience to leave with a keen interest.

Create a radio ad

Radio advertising is still highly effective, and it’s a cheap way of getting into the homes of your target audience. Create a short and simple ad, with a catchy jingle that will stick in people’s heads. Be as unconventional as you like – it will split your audience, but there’s nothing wrong with that. It will increase awareness, and you could even end up with some vociferous support. Check out the story of Brew Dog for a great example of how splitting an audience can work.

We wish you all the best with the launch of your new product, and hope it goes down a storm!