Become a Private Detective: Tips and Tricks


The private detective industry can be an extremely exciting line of work. If you’ve always dreamt of carrying out investigations and going undercover, this role could be perfect for you. How do you go about becoming a private detective? Here are some tips and tricks to help you:

Do a Distance Learning Course

Distance learning courses can be a great opportunity for students to learn without going into a physical classroom. If you do a distance learning course, you can learn when it suits you best, and complete the qualification at your own pace. You could always do a lengthy course, but you’ll need money behind you to keep you going. This is a great way to become a private detective in the shortest possible time. You could even eventually have your own startup business, rather than work for somebody else.

Read Books

There are all kinds of books out there on private detectives and how to become one, and I don’t mean Sherlock Holmes. Read these books to get an idea of the skills you’re expected to have and how to develop them. You might find out some surprising things about private investigating that you weren’t aware of.

Read Up on The Law

As a private detective, you can’t go vigilant and take the law into your own hands. You need to read up on the law so you know the best way to handle certain situations. Doing everything by the book is the key when it comes to becoming a private detective. You don’t want to get in trouble or build a bad reputation.

Private Detective
Private Detective

Experience in the Police or Army

This isn’t essential, but it’ll definitely stand you in good stead with employers and clients. Experience in the police or army can be a great asset, and you can put that experience to good use in your new career. You’ll need to be observant, disciplined, and able to follow instructions – all skills that are required in the forces.

Develop Your Communication Skills

Having fantastic communication skills should be a priority if you want to work in this field. You’ll be working with many different people, and you’ll need to speak to all of them in a way that means you’re on the same page. If you weren’t born with good communication skills, don’t panic; you can develop them fairly easily with some practice.

Be Confident

Confidence is key to being a private detective. You’ll need to be confident enough to back your findings, and perhaps even to present evidence in court should you need to.

Have Empathy

Bear in mind that the news you deliver to clients won’t always be good news, and they could get upset. If this happens, you’ll need to be patient and have empathy with them. Some people might find this awkward, but you’ll probably be around it a lot.

If this is the career path you really want to take, you need to ensure that you have all of the right skills and knowledge to do well!