Can’t Afford To Expand? Maximise Your Office Space Instead


Hopefully, there will come a time when you want to expand. An expansion is a good thing because it means you are prospering. It also means you are doing well enough to grow bigger and to start competing with the big boys. The problem is an expansion is expensive. When you start a business, you don’t realise how much it costs to expand. And, you don’t want to get it wrong because it can cripple your company.

Expand Office Space
Expand Office Space

Your other option is to stay put and wait. It might seem like a bad idea because you already lack the necessary space, but there are ways to make it bigger.

Rethink The Layout

The best way to find more space is to move everything around. At the minute, your layout might be taking up more space than it should. For example, the desks may be at the wrong angle, or they may be in the wrong place. By simply moving them to a new place or a different angle, you can free up more space for someone else. Treat it like it like a jigsaw puzzle and try and find an alternative solution.

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items

There are certain pieces of hardware that you think you need, but you don’t in reality. The best examples are the fax machine or the photocopier. The fax machine is out of date in today’s business world, so do you need it for your business? Ask yourself; how many times have you used it in the last couple of months? If the answer is not all the time, it needs to leave. The photocopier is a lot more useful, but it is also very bulky. It is taking up a lot of space that it doesn’t need because you can morph it with the printer. There are great printers that take care of all of your needs in one piece of hardware. Even better, it only takes up one piece of space.

Office Space
Office Space

Hire A Storage Unit

Storage units are your best friend. Getting rid of items may not be the answer because they might be useful in some way, shape or form. Again, take the fax machine as an example. Although you might not use it often, fax machines are the last resort if the server goes down because they run off the phone line. But, you need the space, and you can’t spend your life waiting for the worse to happen. In that case, you can put it in storage and bring it out if the worse does occur. To find out more about storage space, check out the link.

Think Minimalism

The new trend is to buy minimalistic materials that don’t take up a lot of space. It might not be your bag, but it doesn’t mean it is not a good idea. When you are considering new additions to the office, make them as small as possible. Obviously, they still need to be functional because they would be pointless otherwise.

If you don’t have the cash to facilitate a move, these tips can hold you until the last minute. But, it is important to note they won’t last forever, and you will have to move in the end.