Different Ways to Find Retail Work


If you want steady employment, working in retail makes sense. There are 189,280 retailers in the UK who have a turnover that is big enough for them to be VAT registered. Across the UK, there are over 287,000 retail outlets all of which need staff. This means that someone with the right experience will rarely find himself or herself out of work for long. However, you still need to know where to look for work.

The Old Ways Still Work – to Some Extent

It is still possible to find retail jobs the old-fashioned way. Some small retailers still advertise their vacancies in local newspapers. Certain firms still ask existing workers if they know of anyone who is looking for work when they have a vacancy.

Certain retailers will still take your CV from you, so going shop to shop can still work as a way to find work. However, you need to be aware that most stores bin CVs a few weeks after receiving them. Going from shop to shop is time consuming, and you have to be lucky to find work this way. If a store is looking for someone they may offer you the job, but this does not happen often.

The Modern Way is Easier

However, these days the vast majority of retail recruitment agencies advertise jobs online. Therefore, the web is the best place to look for retail work.

Don’t be put off by the fact there are thousands of retail jobs in London listed on these job boards. The best agencies make it easy to narrow down the list to those stores who are looking for people to your part of London. Some even offer you the chance to upload your CV. They maintain a database of them, which shops looking for staff can browse through instead of posting an advert. If a prospective employer likes the look of your CV, they will get in touch through the job board.