Factory Audit China – Useful for Your Business


Due to increase in human rights concerns and working conditions in factories especially in Asia and China (Krtinspect) provides you with the freedom from the tension and work load that it can cause you to do the factory audits in China and other Asian countries. We speak the local language and can get the best and accurate result. We are also a member of American Society of Testing and Material.

We do all types of audits: complete factory audit, basic factory audit, complete reseller audit, business license check, complete social audit, anti-terrorism audit. The rate and scope of audit depends upon your requirement and specification. But to get the peace of mind you must realize the need for factory audit.

Need to secure payment risk – Factory Audit China helps

Factory audit in China not only assures you that you are dealing with right people, but also protects you from fraud and payment risks to an unauthorized and illegal factory owners. Since we speak the local language and have offices in various parts of China namely in Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Southern China it is easy for us to verify the authenticity of the business and the dealers. That way our services protect our client from fraud and loss of money caused by such illegal activities.

Need to verify that factory doesn’t promote sweat shop – Factory Audit China – complete social audit helps

Recently certain big banners like Samsung, Australian retail brand Rivers came into limelight due to the fact that their production was done at certain factories where child labor was used violating the laws of child labor. To save your company from such embarrassments and public apologies it is in your best interest to avail the services of factory audit and have peace of mind for a very minimal cost.

Need to protect your company from dealing with illegal business operators – Factory Audit China – Business license check helps

When dealing with foreign traders it can be risky to deal with people who poses to be the rightful owner of the factories with beautiful well designed websites, but in reality they own only small business who cannot complete your order on time or who do not have enough labor and infrastructure to make the delivery of goods on time with specified quality and range – This way our services protect you from facing inventory shortage and bad reputation caused by low quality products.

We audit all types of factories be it a garment industry, computer, toys, consumer goods (hard, soft) commercial–industrial non-consumer goods, or other consumer goods like musical instruments etc.

This way we at Krtinspect make sure that our client gets the best result in both in terms of quality and prices that they pay. Our rate list is published on our website and we do take orders via website http://krtinspect.com. One can compare our rates with other people in similar trade, but we can guarantee the lowest rates with best quality service. This is the reason why our Factory Audit China services are also utilized by some of the leading brands in America like Costco, Target etc.