Giving Up The Rat Race: Signs You Could Succeed At Entrepreneurship


Millions of us have to work for a living. That often means travelling to a place of work each day, working 9-5 and then returning home at the end of the day. While many people have rewarding careers, there are some that feel a bit fed up of staying in the “rat race.”

Perhaps you have dreams and ambitions of running a business and working for yourself. At this point, you might think such thoughts are nothing but pipe dreams. You might not realize it, but you could have the makings of a successful entrepreneur!

How do you know if you’ve got what it takes to run a business and work for yourself? Here are a few signs that prove you could succeed at entrepreneurship!

You hate the status quo

Are you someone that spends a lot of their time questioning why things get done in a certain way? Or asking yourself why people do the things they do? When you work for someone else, it’s difficult to get your peers (and your bosses) to embrace change. Even if it’s for the greater good!

Next Big Thing Summit
Next Big Thing Summit

Entrepreneurs are people that strive to find better ways of accomplishing things. They are also willing to put their money where their mouths are to make a change.

People often refer to entrepreneurs as folks that like to think “outside the box.”

You’re bursting with confidence and passion

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs are confident and passionate about what they do. They want to offer something different to the world. Or, at least, a better way of doing something we already do today.

The other day I was reading up about an entrepreneur named Issa Asad. On his page, he talked about how he pioneered the pre-payment PIN system we use on our mobile phones.

He only managed to succeed with such an ambitious idea because he was confident and passionate about it. Another notable person is Richard Branson. He built up his Virgin Records empire from the basement of a church back in 1970. Today his net worth is $4.8 billion!

Outside The Box
Outside The Box

You find working for other people boring

It might surprise you to know that many entrepreneurs ended up quitting or getting fired from their jobs! That’s because they get bored easily. They don’t want to stick to a routine set by other people.

Entrepreneurs are quite creative in many ways. They can often find solutions to problems that leave most folks scratching their heads in confusion! They can even form unlikely alliances to achieve their target goals.

You hated going to university

Some of the world’s wealthiest people are those that dropped out of college and university. Notable examples include Bill Gates (Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Steve Jobs (Apple).

Entrepreneurs are itching to create the next big thing. They don’t want to spend years locked away inside a university campus. They would rather get “out there” and start creating solutions for common problems.

So, are you ready to unleash your inner entrepreneur?