Hard Money Loans: A Few Useful Tips


Hard Money Loans are a specific kind of loans in which a borrower has to give collateral security for the money lent, usually by the rate of a tangible property. Typically, hard money loans have higher rates of compound interest and shorter repayment periods. A hard money loan is residential if the money lent is secured by the value of a residential real estate. The high interest is justified on account of the risks taken by the lender. Since no organization in any government will back the borrower of the loan, it is imperative that a hard money residential loan will have a low loan-to-value share and a higher margin. All residential hard money loans are given against the price of a certain property owned by the borrower.

Here is how the concept of hard money loans works. Suppose you intend to start a new business and need a starting capital in the form of start up business loans. One way for you to get hold of the money you need would be to mortgage a house that you might have. You can take a loan from a private third-party loan provider by providing your house as a collateral security. There would be a certain time period called the moratorium period for which you will only be charged simple interest for the loan that you have taken, following which the loan will be compounded monthly until its full completion.

Common banking measures like assessment of net value of the borrower by payslips, already existing loans and income tax payable by the borrower are also considered to evaluate the borrower’s ability to repay the loan s/he is taking. Residential hard-money loans are not beneficial when one is looking for a low rate of interest loan, because the rate of hard money loans is very high compared to others. However, in a time of need, it is often seen that a hard money loan is not the worst option. Although most hard money loans have at least double the interest rate of normal loans like car loans or student loans, the risk to the lender is also high in this case. This risk is compensated by the incentive of the high rate. Hard money loans are very useful in cases where people need money to assist them get other loans. For instance, business venture loans like taking a
commercial truck loans for starting business. This is so because hard money loans can get very difficult to pay back in cases where the money loaned is not invested in a manner that produces more money.

One of the most crucial aspects of hard money loans is that people tend to miscalculate exactly how much extra money they are going to have to pay back to the lender in terms of interest. This is why it is suggested that one thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of the loan and make sure one agrees with them before investing in a hard money loan.