How To Create A World Class Customer Service Team


Ask anyone that runs a business about customer service and they’ll all tell you one thing. It’s crucial that you get it right. Otherwise, your company’s reputation will suffer! All too often we hear stories of how staff mistreat customers.

Those paying customers, of course, will not tolerate poor customer service. They will “vote with their feet” as it were and use a competing service provider instead. It doesn’t matter whether you run a small business or a large corporation.

Customer Service
Customer Service

What does matter is that you have a world-class customer service team. These are the people that represent your firm to its clients. It’s essential they are the right people for the job. So, just how do you go about creating an award-winning customer service team? Here’s a brief insight:

Improve your interview process

The way to build an excellent customer service team starts right from the beginning. You need to look at how you filter out the good candidates from the bad ones. If you don’t hone this process, you’ll end up with people that aren’t perfect for the job.

You may assume hiring people with years of experience is the only thing to worry about. But, are they going to be a good match for the culture and dynamic of your business? Let’s face it; each company gets run in different ways. Be sure the people you hire will get on well within your firm.

Customer Service Training
Customer Service Training

Invest in training

It doesn’t matter how experienced a person is at handling calls from customers. You should ensure they receive the right training to take calls for you, not their past employers!

The good news is there are plenty of customer service training courses that you can send them on. And some service providers even offer in-house training. That’s useful if you want to limit the amount of time each worker spends away from their desks.

Training courses aren’t there just to benefit your business only. They also help the call handlers to develop their skills further. After all; your staff are some of your biggest assets in your company!

Invest in the right technology

You might assume that all customer service staff need is a phone and a computer. Did you know that the wrong types of equipment can hinder their work?

Customer Service Team
Customer Service Team

For instance, headsets are a better option than standard desk phones. And modern computer systems help them to deal with calls quicker than slower, older ones. There is plenty of technology out there. You just need to determine which tools are right for your staff and your business.

Give staff an incentive to offer 100%

In an ideal world, you want your call handlers to be at their best at all times. Of course, customer service staff are human just like you. They need motivation and incentives to perform at their best. You can’t just “leave them to it” and expect high productivity at all times!

You should make sure you resolve any work issues your staff may have. For instance, they might prefer to sit at a different desk if sunlight affects their vision. Flexible working hours is also another option too.