Insane Tips To Increase Employee Productivity


Productive employees are one the keys to business success. They lead to a more productive business, which means you end up making more money. Have you got an unproductive workforce? Then you need to read these tips:

Employee Productivity
Employee Productivity

On-Site Parking

Anyone that’s ever worked will know how much of a struggle things are in the morning. I find that a workday morning is the least productive time of the day. People are always rushing into work and then taking their time to get set up. They could be stressed because of traffic and finding somewhere to park. But, there is one thing that can make your employees more productive in the mornings. Believe it or not but on-site parking will help you massively. If you have a parking lot outside your office, your employees have one less thing to worry about. They know that they can drive into work and be assured of a parking space a few feet away from the office. If you don’t have a parking lot, then don’t worry! You can always have one built if there’s room. Just make sure you consider the parking lot construction cost before you jump into things. Generally speaking, it’s well worth the money. But, of course, it depends on your business finances. Many people will opt to travel via public transport purely because there isn’t suitable parking. Coming into work on a busy train or bus can leave someone very stressed, and it can take a while for them to get into the groove. But, with on-site parking, employees will be less stressed and ready to dive straight into things. Therefore, they’re more productive in the mornings.

Set Lunch Goals
Set Lunch Goals

Lunch Goals

Everyone looks forward to lunch because they get to have a little break. I think breaks, in general, are great for upping productivity. But, I also find that setting ‘lunch goals’ is a great idea. Set employees goals to reach before they go to lunch. This means they’ll have extra motivation to work hard and be productive. Sometimes, employees can relax a bit when lunch is approaching because it’s on their mind. By giving them goals to achieve, their focus is elsewhere. So, they’ll be working hard to achieve the ‘lunch goals’, and then get rewarded with a nice long lunch break! The long lunch will mean they return to work feeling refreshed and ready for the final stretch.

Early Finish On Friday

The least productive time of the week is a Friday afternoon. All your employees are staring at the clock wishing the weekend will arrive. They end up becoming distracted and less productive. My tip is to promise them an early finish if everyone gets their work done before a certain time. This way, they’ll be super motivated and working as hard as they can. Everyone likes an early finish on a Friday! You can turn the least productive time into one of the most productive times.

If you do all these things, I promise your employees will be more productive. Increased employee productivity will end up benefiting your business!