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No Jobs Report as Economy Losses Mount

As the government shutdown enters Day 4, estimated losses for the US economy have now topped $ 1.2 billion according to IHS predictions. While politicians spar over details on Friday, investors will trade without the use of the September jobs report …

Is economy so frail Obamacare can kill it?

Whenever I think I’ve got my arms around capitalism, its apostles change their message. Usually it is touted as the Superman and Wonder Woman of economic systems. Capitalism is lauded as the ultimate horn of plenty, the necessary underpinning of a …

News Analysis: Philippine economy still on upswing despite inflation rise

MANILA, Oct. 5 (Xinhua) — The Philippine economy will continue to grow faster toward the end of the year despite a slight rise in inflation in September and the continued threats to the global economy, particularly that of the United States, the …

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