4 Metrology Jobs That May Require A Contract Programmer


In the business of manufacturing, it is often the case that outside expertise is needed in order to assure the equipment and machinery that allows the production line to function is remain at peak operational capacity. This is especially true of sensitive, complex tools like coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) which play a vital role in quality control but which need regular programming in order to meet the needs of the production team.

In such cases, it can make a lot of economic sense to contract out CMM programming services to metrology experts who can help you get the best results. CMM programming experts not only have an excellent understanding of the latest CMM software and what it can do, but they also have extensive experience with metrology problem solving and can help make your CMM programs more efficient and more effective. Here are four jobs that, for best results, you should contract out to metrology programming experts.

CMM Programming Experts
CMM Programming Experts

Modifying Part Programs

Most CMMs operate based on programs that allow them to most efficiently gather coordinate data which can then be used to provide an accurate assessment of whether or not the produced part matches the blueprint. When modifications are made to the part’s blueprint or new metrology software becomes available, it will be necessary to modify the program the CMM runs on if you want to continue to guarantee that the data you are gathering is accurate.

Writing New Part Programs

There are times, of course, when you won’t just need to modify an existing program, but will have to create a whole new program. This usually happens when a production line starts creating a new part, and in such cases, it is important to draw on the skills of contract programmers who know how to get the best results — especially if the new part contains complex geometry or hard-to-program routines around gears, curves, and blades.

Improving Program Efficiency

In some cases, programs that your production line has relied on for years may be due for an upgrade, not because the programs themselves have changed but because new breakthroughs in software design have made it possible to improve how measurement happens. It can be worthwhile to hire a contract programmer to explore ways that your production line can be made to run more smoothly from a metrological standpoint — it is entirely possible that software now exists which could make your process cheaper and more efficient.

CMM Programming
CMM Programming

Training In-House Programmers

Most production lines that rely heavily on software systems are likely to have their own team of in-house programmers who handle day-to-day programming requirements. In situations where new metrology software is needed, or new part programs need to be integrated into the production line system, contract metrology programmers can play an important role in training your team of programmers on the finer points of new metrology software.

When it comes to hiring skilled workers like programmers, it can be much cheaper and more effective to bring on contractors for a set period of time, rather than expanding your payroll staff. This is especially true when it comes to jobs that involve metrology. Because metrology plays such an important role in the production line, and involves such sophisticated technology and software tools, using contract programmers who specialize in CMM software is the best way to guarantee that you are getting the best work for the best price.