Most Expensive Suburbs In Australia


Australia attracts thousands of experts, and there are a lot more people than that who wish they could live here. It’s a country that has long stretches of excellent weather with cities located on beautiful coasts. The city skylines are modern, tall and awe-inspiring, and the quality of life is world-renowned. It’s a country that has a promising future and a well-developed economy, and that contributes to the relatively high cost of living.

Citizens of Australia who’ve worked for an abundance of years and proved their worth in their careers may now be in a financial position where they’re looking for best places to live. While choosing the definitive best places is largely subjective, the cost of house prices is generally a good indicator of the perceived quality of the area, and it usually means the suburb has good quality schools and amenities.

Luxurious Property
Luxurious Property

For the reason above, many homeowners may be looking for a house in one of Australia’s most expensive suburbs. This article will explore some of the areas where the highest house prices can be found.

Suburbs for the Rich and Famous

When people usually have to work incredibly hard to earn their wealthy position in life, they tend to want the best of the best. Here are some of the places that homeowners can almost guarantee a very high quality of life. Those interested in a house for sale in one of these areas should contact Red Ink Homes.

• Centennial Park, Sydney – A home in Sydney’s Point Piper can cost upwards of $6 million. For that price, homeowners can certainly expect a luxury property. The suburb hosts three historical and picturesque parks and is located just 4km from Sydney’s business district.

• Peppermint Grove, Perth – Going all the way to the West of Australia, a house for sale in Peppermint Grove could cost upwards of $3 million. The suburb is home to many historic and luxurious properties with many streets famously lined with peppermint trees.

Expensive Suburb in Australia
Expensive Suburb in Australia

• Whale Beach, Sydney – Similar to Peppermint Grove, property hunters can expect to pay more than $3 million dollars for a home in this prime suburb. It’s a popular area for surfing and is located around 40km from the Central Business District of Sydney.

• Toorak, Melbourne – Yet another suburb where house prices can soar above $3 million, Toorak is located around 5km from Melbourne’s main business district. It’s home to many of Melbourne’s most wealthy citizens and boasts many exquisite mansions and other very large properties.

A property is usually an area where people want to invest a significant portion of their earnings because it’s the place where they spend most of their time. When people have been lucky and hard-working enough to be in a top financial position, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to add a little luxury to their life. For homeowners looking for the most prestigious suburbs in Australia, the above areas are amongst the most expensive places to live.