Reasons Why You Should Use A Recruitment Agency


A dentist requires an army of helpers, starting with a receptionist, who makes all the appointments, and is generally the front line of the business, then there is the dental nurse, an essential component of the business, as the dental surgeon cannot work without an assistant. A successful dental practice requires efficient processing, and a high level of co-ordination, with many clients visiting daily.

Recruitment Agency
Recruitment Agency

A well-oiled machine

A successful dental clinic would be a model of efficiency, with everyone knowing their role, and communicating well with the other team members, to facilitate the large numbers of patients in need of dental care. A large practice might have several dentists, each requiring an assistant, and one shouldn’t forget the hygienist, an essential member of any dental care team. With the receptionists, there could be as many as fifteen people working to ensure that the clinic is efficiently managed and things run smoothly.

A spanner in the works

People have a habit of falling sick, and this can really cause the clinic problems, whoever it might be. First Point Recruitment is the right dental assistant temp agency, and can supply a range of specialists to ensure the clinic can run efficiently while any staff member is absent.

Professional Recruiting Agency
Professional Recruiting Agency

Permanent recruitment

When a dental surgery requires a full time specialist, using the services of a professional recruiting agency is the best solution. Finding the right person is more than just the necessary qualifications, so the right candidate selection is important, if the team is to work well together. Candidates can be short listed for the boss’s approval, and with many years’ experience in helping place the right people in the right positions, will ensure that the business is enhanced by the new arrival.

Temporary solutions

If a practice requires a temporary staff cover for any reason, a recruitment agency is the best solution. An established company would be able to provide the following,

• Dental nurse
• Dental assistant
• Dental receptionist
• Hygienist
• Oral health therapist

These positions might only need to be filled for a morning, and with a reputable dental assistant temp agency, cover can be arranged at very short notice, allowing the business to operate as normal.

Permanent Recruitment Agency
Permanent Recruitment Agency

Organise holidays

Holidays are an essential battery-charger for the employee, and by using the services of a recruitment company, all the staff can take their well-earned break, while the agency ensures the practice is fully staffed. Many people are very hard working and loyal, and would rather forego the annual break, if it meant the surgery would suffer, and eventually they would tire, and their performance would suffer. A recruitment agency solves the problem, and allows all the staff to have a break, and recharge their energy cells, ready for another year.

Staffing problems can damage a dental practice in more ways than one, apart from the lost revenue, cancelled appointments can cause people to find another dentist, and with so much competition, it is wise to retain clients, whenever possible. Using the services of a professional recruitment agency allows the business to operate, unaffected by staff absences.