Revitalise Your Job Hunt In 3 Easy Steps


Job hunting is not the most fun task. It can be tedious and repetitive at the best of times. Let alone full of competition and rejection. It can leave you feeling useless and lost. If you’ve been looking for a job for a while with still no joy, it might be time to revitalise your search techniques. There are plenty of things you can do to get yourself back on track. Here are three easy steps to help you reinvigorate your job hunt and find the career you’ve always wanted.

Looking For A Job
Looking For A Job

Refresh your CV

Your CV is the first thing potential employers will see. If it’s not up to date or written in a good quality, it will be dismissed almost instantly. You should be updating your CV frequently and tailoring it to every job you apply for. They will appreciate the additional time and effort you have put in. Plus it will make you seem like a suitable candidate for them to employ. Always get an outsider to take a look at your CV before you send it off. It’s even more beneficial if the outsider has some experience in the field or industry you are applying to. They will have useful insider information that you can use to your advantage. Plus they can recommend particular keywords and experiences you should include. A fresh look will also be helpful when looking for spelling mistakes and highlight weak areas you need to improve on. Always remember to accompany your CV with a cover letter. This too needs to be tailored to the role and should explain why you would make a suitable candidate.

Sign Up for relevant vacancy alerts

Vacancy Alerts are a great way of finding out about possible jobs you could apply for. There are loads of different sites that offer these alerts including Jobsite and Rowlands. For more info use Google to search for relevant websites you can sign up to. Once you’ve signed up, you can get email and text alerts of possible jobs you might be interested in. Always make sure that the keywords you use are specific to the role you want. Otherwise, your inbox will be filled with hundreds of results each day. This can be overwhelming and a huge waste of time and energy.

Job Hunt
Job Hunt

Use Social Media

Social media is a brilliant resource for job hunting. Businesses will often use their social media platforms to find new employees and promote employment events. You can also use social media to network. Sites such as LinkedIn allow you to showcase your skills and talent to a wider audience. You can network with current employees from some brands and sectors and ask for advice. Getting your name out there is a great way of being discovered. Remember always to keep a track of what you post. If it is offensive or unsuitable, it may be detrimental to your search.

To keep yourself constantly on top of your job hunting game, it’s important to stay healthy and give yourself time to recharge. Use these steps and you’ll be back to work in no time.