Samsung vs Apple: Which is Best for your Business?


Every day there seems to be a new smartphone. It feels like the iPhone X came out last month and we’re already on the XS Max.? It can be challenging to know which phone to invest in for your business, whether it be iOS or Android, due to all the latest trends. But we’re here to break down the benefits of Apple and Samsung devices so that you know which is best for you.

Both brands are leaders of innovation and their phones are filled with fantastic features? Both products are constantly evolving, yet for the most part, they don’t appear to lack quality. That said, there are pros and cons to everything, so let’s dive into a few of the differences.

Samsung vs Apple
Samsung vs Apple


It’s difficult to avoid the topic of design when it comes to smartphones. Although Samsung’s design has developed considerably, iPhone’s are renowned for their aesthetic. Sleek, minimalist, and elegant, the iPhone has cult status thanks to the look and feel.

However, Samsung has come on leaps and bounds and was one of the first to implement a curvier shape. They’re proving they can keep up with the times thanks to their mix of new and classic features such as the audio jack. Something which Apple no longer offers.

For example, if you need to take a call while wearing earphones and charging your phone, sticking with a Samsung is your best bet. Apple’s lightning ports aren’t to everyone’s taste.

However, if you like to use wireless earphones, then you won’t miss the classic dual ports, and you can take all the business calls you need without a low battery.


Both phones are full of apps, tools, and emojis, but hopefully, your priority when spending money on a device is the range of useful features, such as the battery life. If you’re taking a work call and your phone’s battery dies, you’re going to be in a bit of mess.

Samsung vs Apple in Business
Samsung vs Apple in Business


Your work phone will contain all your essential data, so checking out the performance of the different devices before buying is critical. Take a look at their latest models:

Apple iPhone XS Max

• Internal memory: 512GB
• Display size: 6.5 inches
• Resolution: 1242 x 2688 pixels
• Battery: 2985 mAh

Samsung Galaxy S9+

• Internal memory: 128GB
• Display size: 6.2 inches
• Resolution: 1440 x 2960 pixels
• Battery: 3500 mAh

We can’t tell you whether you should be team Apple or team Samsung as every business has different needs. If you need a longer lasting battery life, with a normal charger port, then Samsung is a better fit for the job. However, if your business is after something that a designer can use, Apple might just be your best bet.

Still not sure which smartphone is best for you, or maybe you’ve already found your perfect smartphone and need a good SIM only plan? No problem! At OneBell, our experts can help you to pick the device that will best fit your business needs by taking cost, quality, and insurance into consideration. Get in touch today on 0161 667 0655.