Simple Steps for A Safer, Healthier Workplace


Employees should look forward to coming to work each day. Happy employees are productive employees and productive employees help make a company profitable. However, the only way staff will look forward to coming to work is if the workplace is safe and provides a healthy environment. This will reduce concerns and ensure everyone feels confident in doing his or her job.

office-work It is possible for things to get a bit out of control if no one is emphasizing workplace safety. Workplaces that were once safe and clean lose these qualities after only a few months of neglect. Improving the workplace isn’t all that difficult. Just follow these simple steps for a safer, healthier workplace.

Step 1 – Clean and organise

No one wants to work in a space that’s cluttered and dirty. Not only is it harmful to morale, but it can also be a safety hazard. Items can be located in the wrong area, safety equipment may become obstructed and other issues might occur that affect safety. Creating a safer, healthier workplace begins with a deep clean.


Start by eliminating all debris or other items that have no purpose in the workplace. Old magazines, broken tools and other garbage should be disposed immediately. From there, organise everything so it is easy to find and in its correct place.

Step 2 – Properly store everything

During a big clean, it is likely that people will find items that are not being stored correctly. As things become disorganised, individuals start placing items in areas where they do not belong. After the cleaning is finished, it’s vital to take all items that have special storage requirements and fulfill those.

This is especially true for chemicals and hazardous materials which should always be stored properly in safety cabinets. When it comes to storing dangerous goods including corrosive or flammable material, safety cabinets by SEPMAR offer unmatched reliability and durability to keep any workplace safe.

Step 3 – Ventilate the area

No one enjoys working in a stuffy workplace. This is especially true if there are foul odours, particles are other things in the air. Be sure to properly ventilate the workplace to allow for fresh air to enter if possible. This will ensure employees do not have to breathe in anything unhealthy and improves the overall ambiance of the workplace.

Step 4 – Encourage outdoor activities

Studies have shown exposure to sunlight and exercise is good for both mental health and increasing productivity. Those truly committed to creating a safer, healthier workplace will establish some sort of brief calisthenics programme each day to encourage staff to get outdoors.

It doesn’t have to be anything too time consuming or arduous. A good ten minutes of stretching and a few sets of jumping jacks is enough to get the blood flowing. This can be done in the morning or as an afternoon routine.

Creating a safer, healthier workplace isn’t easy. It requires time and dedication to making it happen. However, with a little effort, everyone will enjoy showing up to the workplace each day.