Small Business Customer Service Tips For Christmas & Beyond


Well, it won’t be long before the shops start ramping up their Christmas offering. But, of course, it is likely that this is the result of several months of hard work behind the scenes. As a small business, you have probably had some ideas of your own, to capture enough eyes on your product and give your sales a boost for the holiday season.

Customer Service
Customer Service

But, as you get busier, make sure you keep an eye on one thing: your customer service. Get it right and it will help you get return visits before the season finishes. And, most importantly, get you sales into the traditionally quiet period of January and February. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should be thinking about.

Offer Coupons

An excellent way to drum up business in the new year is to include offer coupons with every purchase. It doesn’t matter whether you are offering a service or a product, if you tell your customers about a great deal, they will come back. Think about offering them money off on their next purchase or a nice percentage off from New Year’s Day. It’s the traditional sales season during that period, so try and catch the general atmosphere with deals of your own.

Deal at Christmas
Deal at Christmas

Use A Daily Deal Site

Services like
Groupon are a great way of getting eyes on your business, and sales through the tills. Consumers see them as a trusted service and are more likely to take up a deal with them than they would from seeing it elsewhere. Don’t forget that almost everyone is looking for a great deal at Christmas, no matter whether it’s for a gift or a business service. It is, in essence, silly season, and people are primed to buy. Take advantage by getting your name out there!

Send Christmas Cards

Sending electronic holiday cards for business customers is a cheap and efficient way of reminding them you are still around. As the year comes to an end, many companies have one eye on ramping things up again – and a little reminder from you might prompt some business. Give it a go – you might be surprised at how effective it is.

Happy Holidays Greetings On A Line
Happy Holidays Greetings On A Line

Host A Christmas Party

Why not throw a party for your customers? Whether you choose to have it early in the season to catch Christmas customers, or later on to get leads for January, it’s another valid idea. All you need to do is organise some canapes, drinks and some music, and you will have an entire room to build new relationships. Make sure you are quick to get contact details from everyone – perhaps run a free raffle that they can enter with an email address?

Reward Loyalty

Finally, take a leaf out of the supermarket’s book. Reward loyal customers and they will keep coming back, time after time. It doesn’t matter what line of business you are in, a ten percent off here, or a 3-for-2 there can be offered to any client, as much as it can a customer.

Any more tips to share? Let us know in the comments section below. Have a good run up to the holiday period!