Start Improving Your Customer Service Now


Customer service is one of the pinnacles of any business. Whether you sell to other businesses or work with members of the general public, you need to keep them happy. If they aren’t satisfied with the service they receive, they let everyone else know. And they won’t use your products or services again. So you need to put work into improving the level of customer service that you provide. Make sure you do your best to make your clients happy. If you think your customer service could use some improvement, try some of these changes to boost your reviews and ratings.

Intranet Customer Service
Intranet Customer Service

Use a Phone Service

Even though customer service over email or social media can be convenient, talking on the phone is more direct. You can have a real-time conversation. It’s easier for both the customer and service representative to make themselves understood. If you struggle to handle your incoming calls, you could use a virtual receptionist to answer and forward them. For example, businesses using Zintel 1800 numbers can have someone greet their callers. Then they can have calls routed to where they need to go. It will help your business look more professional and make customer service more manageable.

Get on Social Media

Customers often like to have instant access to your client services, but they don’t always want the long and involved processes of a phone call. Emailing allows them to deal with issues in their own time, but social media makes things more instant. If they have a quick question or comment, it’s easy to send one on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or another platform. Plus, social media pages make it easy for you to foster a greater sense of community and properly engage with your customers. You have instant access to the people who like or follow you so they can see your brand has a personality and social presence.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

Hire and Train Knowledgeable Staff

Whether your staffs are providing customer service over the phone, email, instant messaging or social media, they need to know what they’re talking about. Hiring the right staff if the first steps to providing excellent service, but you need to train them well too. It’s essential to ensure that they know about the products and services you offer so that they can give the best advice. You should provide ongoing training too, not just an introductory period when you first hire someone.

Find Out What Your Customers Want

If you want to provide the best customer service, you need to know what they want. Not everyone is the same, and while one business’s customers might prefer talking on the phone, another’s might like using social media. Survey your customers and find out what they’re looking for when they get in touch with you. Analyze the feedback you receive to decide on the best methods to use to make them happy.

You should continually look at how to improve your customer service if you want to offer the best. Don’t let your standards slip and your clients will remain happy.