Supplement Your Income With Online Article Writing


One of the most prudent financial advices that you’ll receive consistently is that you should not rely on a single income stream. You could lose your job, or your business goes down. Your second hassle then comes in handy to sustain you as you get back to your feet.

Extra Income Stream
Extra Income Stream

Do you enjoy writing and have impeccable grammar? Online article writing could be the thing for you. It includes writing articles on different topics to be posted on various websites. With a computer and internet connection, you’re good to go. Here are the basics of generating web content:

1. You have to learn to research widely on all sorts of topics including health, finance, education, technology, construction and so on. Often, you’ll be required to write on topics that you’re not familiar with. Google is your friend.

2. Ensure that your articles are Search Engine Optimized (SEO) so that they can be rated highly by Google and other search engines. A high rating means that the particular website is likely to appear in the first page, or at least somewhere close, after a Google search. This is achieved by utilizing an appropriate keyword density.

3. Follow the given instructions to the letter. Most clients will give you the topic, number of words and article layout including how to position the paragraphs, sub-headings, bullet points and so on.

4. Include informative content, not just filler words for the sake of achieving the word count. Remember the website you’re writing for is for promoting sales. Once people come across enlightening content, they’re likely to make the decision to buy the content. For instance if you give comprehensive information on finance, interested parties will be drawn to register for your accounting services.

5. Familiarize yourself with article writing websites where clients post these jobs. Check out the likes of Iwriter where many writers begin. Once you open an account for free, you’re given a grammar test and after you pass, you have full access to the articles that require writing. Once you come across one that you can manage, you pick research and write. Some other sites like Upwork require you to bid for the job. This means convincing the client that you’re the best candidate for the job. Others will be attempting to do the same. Once you have a number of positive reviews from clients, it becomes easier to win bids.

Online Article Writing
Online Article Writing

Sounds easy? With good writing skills, you can definitely do this. It is not a walkover however. Here are some common mistakes made in online article writing that you need to avoid:

• Copy-pasting information from other websites. The content you provide should be original. If all that needed to be done was copy-pasting, the clients would have no business paying you to do so. Surely they can do those themselves. Where you have to refer; at least rewrite the content.

• Using empty filler words to attain the word count while not giving any edifying information. People are drawn to a website and its contents by the quality of information given. If they don’t find that, they’ll hardly be interested in making a purchase.

• Not following the instructions given by the client. The guidelines are given with good reason; to ensure that the articles serve the intended purpose. Ignoring the instructions renders the articles redundant.

These tips should help you use online article writing to create an extra income stream. Once you generate high quality articles, you can always be assured of more work. Don’t waste those after-work hours; here’s something productive that you can do.