Teen Tips for Dealing with a Driver Who Won’t Stop Texting


It is a known fact that a driver who texts is more dangerous than someone who is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you have a friend or family member who doesn’t think it is a problem to text and drive then you either have to get them to stop or stop driving in the car with them. Here are a few ideas from the Bad Credit Car Finance specialists at Carmax Finance, to assist you in dealing with a driver who just won’t stop texting:

Speak Up: The easiest way to deal with someone who is driving dangerously when you are a passenger in their car is to speak up. A quick “Mate, you’re going to kill us” will probably suffice, especially if there are others in the car who will back you up. You can also just tell them if it is important to just pull over and read or send the text and then to drive on once it is done.

Help Out: Some people are obsessed with their phones and it is impossible for them to imagine not reading or responding to a text. If you are close and know what’s going on offer to help by reading the text and then responding for them. This isn’t so hard to do with best friends. You can even text driving, give me a sec. This will avoid further texts coming in.

Drop Hints: Mention you’ve seen a lot of Bobbies around, bring up a story about a recent accident or ask them if they were planning to kill themselves today. Dropping hints that they are behaving badly might trigger recognition that they are being stupid.

Gang Approach: If there is a group of you in the car speak up together and let the driver know they are taking a risk with all of them in the car. They will probably be inclined to stop. If they don’t, have an agreement with friends to ask them to pull over so you can all get out. Better safe then sorry and you will also send a pretty powerful message about how serious you all are about the texting. With any luck you may reach them before you actually all have to get out of the car.

Common Sense: The truth of the matter is that it takes a lot of guts to question a driver who is texting and driving. Using a common sense approach to simply tell them they need to stop texting or you need to stop driving with them will make it clear you are serious about staying alive. It is also common sense that good friends will not feel right doing something that you are sincerely asking them not to do especially if it really is in their best interests.

You may have to be willing to walk away from a friendship in order to stay safe. A good compromise is to simply let the person know you will meet them there. This way there are no hard feelings and you will always arrive safely.