The 4 Most Lucrative Businesses To Start This Year


Everyone is on the lookout for the best new market. We all want to find that one thing that will make our fortune. Sometimes it’s just a case of turning a hobby into a career. Whatever the motivation behind your startup, there is always money to be found. Great ideas will always attract big investors and the best startups always shine through. There’s no reason that you can’t build your own business.

Starting a business is easier than ever. You don’t even need an office. You can rent a London virtual office for that professional appearance and get going from your bedroom. However, knowing where to start can be tough. There are a million ideas out there and it feels like everything is already invented! Don’t worry; picking a start-up should be easy. Focus on the one thing that you love, or the thing that you know inside-out. If you’ve got a niche or a speciality, that’s where your start-up begins. You will only be successful if you have a real drive and knowledge for your product. Having said that, here are some ideas those are particularly lucrative right now.

App Building

Smart phones and tablets dominate the world of mobile computing right now. That isn’t set to change anytime soon. We are only just scraping the surface of what’s possible in our mobile software. The launch of Apple Watch indicates that the future will follow a similar theme. With this as a dead certainty, you can be sure that apps will continue to flourish. App building goes back to the core values of inventing. You need to solve a problem for someone. Or you can simply keep them entertained. Games and unique apps are being bought up by big tech companies by the millions and billions of dollars. It all starts with an idea.

Small Craft Business
Small Craft Business


The web is constantly evolving. The internet will soon be even more ingrained into our lives. It will be in our cars, on the streets, on our watches. This means that companies will want ever deeper analytics. Businesses will want to know how people are using their website and services. They need to know how to evolve and keep up. So get everything in place for an expert analytics start-up and start providing the answers.

Crafts and personal gifts

You don’t have to be obsessed with analytics and coding to build your own start-up. If you’re still desperate for your own company, use your crafting skills to make money. It’s never been easier to start a small craft business. You can set up online shops on Etsy and eBay and get started immediately. The demand for personal gifts is higher than ever. Take advantage.

Internet marketing

As we explained before, the web is constantly changing. It’s difficult to keep up with the ever changing nature of social media and online marketing. This is becoming a saturated market, but there is a gap at the top for true experts. Everyone claims to be a ‘social media expert’ these days. But, if you can show true skill in online marketing, the big companies will always come for calling.

These are just a few ideas that are proving lucrative in 2014. A good idea will always win out. So focus on the concept and ideas that you love. True passion is always the driving force behind a good start-up. If you can break into a niche at the same time, then all better.