The Importance of High Quality Signage


The easiest way to inform a person that something is unsafe is to have a person guarding it 24/7 to ensure no hurts themselves. For obvious reasons, it’s not realistic to have these areas staffed around the clock. The next best thing to warn people about the potential danger of an area or item is to install a high-quality safety signage.


These signs can be found just about everywhere and are rather effective. Of course, these signs can do more than simply warn people of an impending danger. They are able to notify people of things they should not be doing in certain areas or indicate where important safety items are located. For example, most workplaces have a sign that clearly indicates where the first aid kit is at. Here are some of the most common types of safety signage and why each one is important.

Caution signs

Black and yellow caution signs are pretty common and help warn people when something presents a danger to them. Some familiar caution signs include warning when a surface might be hot and the classic “watch your step” sign. These are important because eyes are immediately drawn to the sign preventing a great deal of accidents from occurring.

Fire-related signs

When a fire takes place, it is easy for people to panic and lose their focus. Fire-related signs are bright red and indicate where fire alarms, hoses and doors are located. These signs are important as they make it easy for individuals to find critical items in times of a crisis. Having these installed can preserve both life and property should there be a fire.


Danger signs

These signs are most commonly found at construction sites or other facilities where hazardous work takes place. The message on these signs varies and can feature everything from electricity warnings to entry regulations. Danger signs are important because they clearly convey a sense of danger while making sure people take necessary precautions to protect themselves.

Prohibition signs

Arguably the most common form of safety sign on this list is a prohibition sign. Most people will be familiar with the red circle with a line through it informing them of what they are prohibited from doing. No smoking, no entry and no food and drinks can be found throughout Perth while no access signs are an easy way to prevent unauthorized people from entering a specific area. In addition to presenting a message in an easy to understand fashion, prohibition signs are an easy way to inform people of rules and regulations without having to tell them directly.

Hazchem signs

Hazardous chemicals must be identified with the appropriate signage regardless of where they are stored. Since these chemicals can be toxic, flammable or radioactive, it is important this be labelled so people can handle them in the correct manner and stay safe.

Failing to put up proper signage at a workplace, construction site or other area can lead to people getting hurt. High quality signage from Corsign can increase awareness of possible dangers and keep everyone safe.