The Pre-Trade Show Checklist For Company Bosses


Do you plan to attend a trade show to promote your brand? Are you a little concerned about the results you’re going to achieve? Then you just need to use the suggestions on this page. We’ve added some great ideas to our checklist that should help you to leave no stone unturned. Of course, you’ll still want to add things that relate specifically to your company. The ideas in this article should get you to get the best outcomes from your trade show investment. So, make sure you pay attention and don’t overlook any of the information below.

Trade Show
Trade Show

Have you developed a script?

The first thing you need to do is write a script for your employees to follow. Most of them don’t know your business inside out. However, they’ll have to answer questions from attendees about the inner workings of your operation. So, you’ll have to write all the spiel down and ask them to learn it ahead of time. Failure to do that could mean people don’t get the right facts about your venture. It could also result in you facing a long queue at the exhibition stand.

Did you contact stand designers?

You must get in touch with acclaimed graphic designers and printers before your trade show. It’s vital that you create an attractive and eye-catching stand design if you want the best results. There are specialist firms out there that handle the process from start to finish. Most of them don’t charge the earth for their services, and so you just need to strike up a conversation. Obtain quotes from different companies and use those figures to negotiate a better deal.

Have you purchased branded items for your stand?

It’s always sensible to look the part at trade shows and exhibitions. Branded items like lanyards and coffee mugs can make a big difference. They’ll make attendees think your company is reputable and professional. The experts at Lanyards USA claim many of their corporate clients buy those products for the same reason. So, failure to do that could mean you’re the only boss there without branded products.

Trade Shows And Exhibitions
Trade Shows And Exhibitions

Did you remember to buy promotional materials?

Some trade show attendees won’t have a lot of time to stand and chat. However, they could show a genuine interest in your business. So, you need to make sure you have ample promotional materials available. That way, people can just take a flyer and read it when they have a moment. However they’re used, printed marketing materials should help to increase brand exposure.

Now you’ve read our checklist, feel free to print it and stick it on your wall. You wouldn’t believe the number of naive new trade show attendees who get things wrong. Do yourself a favor and make sure you take your most knowledgeable and experienced team members on the big day. If your workers create the wrong impression, you might lose that potential customer forever. You could even run role play scenarios to test their understanding of your operation ahead of time. That should relieve some of your concerns at least.