Top Facts you Didn’t Know About Security Guards


Security guards are an invaluable source of protection for any property or business but they are a specialised branch that differs in many ways from the police. It is not always clear what the job of a security guard is and what responsibility comes with it.

To help you understand more about the job and roles of a security guard here are some top facts.

Security Guards
Security Guards

Unlike Police officers, security guards are not allowed to enforce the law and make arrests. Their role can vary based on their employer and job description so that under certain circumstances they are able to have the authority to carry out the role of an officer.

Like any other member of the public they are also able to make a citizen’s arrest to apprehend someone breaking the law.

You aren’t always required to have any formal experience or training before becoming a security guard. Many companies will often be willing to take you on and train you in house if they feel you have potential. You won’t always been protecting a top secret facility as the movies would suggest, lots of different businesses require security from supermarkets to factories.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be in peak physical fitness to be a security guard. Whilst having a certain level of fitness is preferable for your own health and to ensure you are able to carry out the job, you don’t need to be the strongest person.

A lot of the job is more about having keen observation skills, being able to report and communicate effectively with your security team.


It isn’t a job where you can sit around doing nothing which is what is suggested in most television shows and movies. Security Guards have to constantly have their wits about them and be aware of everything going on around them. If a business or corporation has hired someone to protect their property there is reason to believe that they are at risk of being robbed. Criminals are always on the lookout for potential areas of weakness in security that they can exploit and this is something security guards are constantly aware of.

In the UK gun laws are much stricter than what is seen in the US which means not even law enforcement is allowed to carry firearms. That is not to suggest that there are no firearms at all, there is a specific division of the police force named Authorised firearms officers who have extensive training with firearms. Generally, most police officers and security guards carry other items for personal defence. These consist of an extendable baton, handcuffs and specialised sprays meant to incapacitate individuals.

Although being a security guard is not as celebrated a profession as being a police officer it is without a doubt an equally important job. There are numerous important aspects to the job which are often overlooked but as seen here, the job is much more mentally intricate than most people believe and more than simply walking in circles around a property.