Top Jobs For People Who Are Great With Numbers


Have you got a natural aptitude for numbers? Do you enjoy managing your finances and keeping track of your personal expenses? If you answered yes to both of these questions then you have come to the right place. Continue reading for a list of top jobs for people who are great with numbers.

Account Job
Account Job


Accountants are responsible for maintaining and optimizing the finances for individuals and companies. Accountants are either employed by an organization or they are self-employed. As well as sound mathematical skills, accountants are also required to have excellent problem-solving skills and an acute attention to detail. In order to become an accountant, it is necessary that you undertake certain educational courses. The nature of the qualifications will depend on where you plan to work and in most cases you will be required to take part in continued professional development.


A surveyor measures the shape and surface of the land using a variety of instruments. The data that they collect is frequently used in the deeds for property during a sale, and other legal documents. Surveyors are also involved in assessing damage for insurance purposes and advising clients on land disputes. As well as an aptitude for numbers, surveyors must have analytical skills and a good grasp on science, technology and engineering. You will need to complete a degree to become a surveyor, and as is the case with accounting, you will also need to take part in continued education during your career.

Retail Job
Retail Job


Depending on your role, working in retail can involve strategically selecting items that will sell, helping customers, selling items and keeping track of stock. There are a range of skills required for this role including communication and time-management. You will also be required to have commercial awareness and a strong focus on providing excellent customer service. There is no specific qualification required to work in retail. Most employees in this industry start in a junior role and work their way up. You can find an application for Dollar General Store and other retail stores online.

Market research

Market researchers examine the conditions of markets in order to determine the success of products and services. To succeed in this career, you will need to be able to analyze and interpret information well. People who work as market researchers have backgrounds in maths, social sciences, English, and history. A master’s degree may be required to enter the more technical end of this industry.

Electrical engineer

Electrical engineers improve existing electronic products and design new and ones. They are typically involved in projects designing cars, cell phones, and navigation systems. They are also involved in building lighting and heating systems. You will need to be excellent at math, IT and science. You will need to be able to analyze complex problems and suggest possible solutions. To become an electrical engineer you will be required to complete a degree in electrical engineering.

We commend you on having a talent for numbers and hope that you will find a job that allows you to optimize your skills.