Why You Might Not Want Use A Free Site Builder


Having a free website seems like an excellent idea. After all, you’re probably trying to set up your business on a shoestring.

Layouts For Business Website
Layouts For Business Website

But building your own free website is often fraught with problems. Here are just a few.

It Looks Bad

No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to replicate the work of a webdesigner. Professionals have put years of work into designing great layouts for websites. And they have an uncanny ability to get the feel of your site just right for the industry that you’re in.

It Looks Like Other Websites

If you’re using a free website template, your site will end up looking like other websites. Thousands of people will have seen a great template and had the same idea as you.


Support May Disappear

Over the years, countless free website builders have disappeared. That means that if you do invest in one builder, you may eventually lose support. What’s more, some builders don’t let you migrate your website to different hosts.

File Uploading Is Restricted

Many websites depend on lots and lots of high quality content. But free sites usually have a limit to how much material you can upload. That means you’re restricted on the number of videos and pictures you can have at any one time. If you’re trying to set up an online shop, this can be a real hassle, if not a deal breaker.

Limited Bandwidth

Let’s say that your business manages events, and you want to sell tickets through your website. Using a free builder might be a bad idea here too. Free builders often come with very limited bandwidth. That means that if the site attracts a large number of people in a short space of time, some might not be able to get tickets. Others may be put off by long loading screens and timeouts.

Business Website
Business Website

Unwanted Marketing

Many web hosting companies will bombard your inbox with deals and offers that you don’t want. They’ll try to sell you on the next package up or get you to host advertising that you don’t need.

They May Sell Your Personal Details

One of the problems that many business owners face is keeping their details under wraps. But with so many relationships with so many different providers and suppliers, this is difficult, if not impossible.

Free website companies are notorious for passing on customer details.

Slow Loading

Free sites come with big costs to functionality. One is that your business’ website is shoehorned onto the same server as everybody else. That means pages often take a long time to load – much longer than if you hosted your site on your own server.

SEO Professional
SEO Professional

Limited SEO Features

SEO is an important part of making your website a success. But limited SEO features on most website builders limit your potential. SEO templates are often not sophisticated enough to be able to manage all your SEO needs and can restrict the ability of SEO professionals to help.

Your Site Might Go Down

If your site is hosted elsewhere, you have no control over whether it is up or not.